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Ever since the Middle Ages sage has been used to get rid of diarrhea, stomach problems, pneumonia, liver diseases, kidney ailments, night sweats, sore throat, scurvy, menstrual pains and inflamed wounds.

Internal qualities of sage tea:
• Sweat-reducing
• Anti-inflammatory and anti-infective
• Strengthens the stomach
• Aids digestion
• Gall-forming
• Antispasmodic for the stomach and intestines
• Regulates the hormonal balance for women
• Helps with menstrual pains
• Libido enhancing for women

External qualities of sage tea:
• Can be used to rinse with when having mouth or throat problems
• Can be used to rinse with when having vaginal complaints
• Can be used to clean small and poorly healing wounds, sores, insect bites and pustules
• Sage can also be used for steaming to clear the respiratory tract


As tea: A teaspoon for a cup. A tablespoon for a pot. Steep for 7-10 minutes.
External: Steep 3 tablespoons of sage in water that has just been boiled for 15 minutes. Remove the sage after 15 minutes and store this infusion in your refrigerator.
For steaming: Add 2 table spoons of sage to your boiled water.

We want to remind you that YOU are responsible for taking care of the health of your own body (and mind) at all times. Use this tea as can be found in the description; herbs can have a certain effect on the body, therefore use them carefully. This herbal tea is not a replacement for medicines. If your physical complaints, of any kind, continue to persist, make an appointment with your doctor (again) and let yourself be examined.

Quick reminder:
A teaspoon for a cup
A tablespoon for a pot

• We recommend you to use tea filters such as the paper filters from T-sac: these guarantee you will have a clear cup of herbal tea which will give you the perfect tea experience. (T-sac filters can be found in our webshop).

 Store your herbs in a dry, cool and dark area.